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Our partnership with HICKORY began almost 20 years ago! Having launched their hotel program worldwide throughout our global ATG network, we have utilized HICKORY’s many services over the years. Their negotiation of discounted rates, block space, and relationships with hotel partners has allowed us to provide valuable savings to our clients and gain access to enhanced commissions. With HICKORY’s advanced hotel reporting technology and automated commission recovery, ATG is able to identify areas of improvement in hotel booking leakage and rate utilization.

We have also utilized their air commission program which gives us access to commissions for international reservations.

Our agents have enjoyed numerous international and domestic FAM trip opportunities, allowing them to experience HICKORY preferred vendors.  In addition, the preferred vendor webinars allow our agents to educate themselves about the air, car, and hotel vendors available, enabling our agents to be able to sell them to our clients. HICKORY also provides prizes to our agents for participating, which is always a big hit!

We value our partnership with Hickory Global Partners and highly recommend them for any of your needs!

Joseph M Szablewski
Chief Financial Officer, ATG Travel

We love being part of Hickory Global Partners. I was one that thought the grass might be greener elsewhere, and left for a short time. Needless to say we came back as quickly as I could get us back.  The leadership by Chris, Michael and Miria is amazing and proactive. 

The membership is very rewarding from the hotel program, air program, to the training webinars.  Hickory allows us to differentiate ourselves on the corporate side of our business better than anyone else.

Mike Davidson
COO, Hess Travel

Our partnership with Hickory Global Partners has provided us with a number travel technology offers that on our own would have taken us months to do the research to determine their viability for our clients. We are a relatively new HICKORY partner but we are already working with our clients in introducing some of these products to our mutual benefit.

The HICKORY hotel program will provide us with another important income stream that would simply not have been available to us without our partnership with HGP.

HICKORY does an excellent job in keeping our agents and agency management educated and up to date on new products and services available with the vendor partners of HICKORY.

Hickory Global Partners partner support is outstanding; very prompt is responding to questions and extremely proactive in making sure we are utilizing every aspect of the HICKORY partnership.

We have the comfort in knowing that the HICKORY management team is continually looking for products and services that not only positively impacts our bottom line but provides important value added offerings to our client base.

Eddie Albertson
Senior Vice President Industry & Vendor Relations, Travel Management Partners