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Grasp Technologies

Grasp Technologies was founded in 1996 to provide a better way of managing and visualizing data for the travel industry. Since then, Grasp has grown to provide data solutions for all areas of business in the space. The Grasp team has over 300 years of combined T&E data experience and services almost 600 clients worldwide. Grasp works with a diverse mix of clients including TMC’s, Corporations, Governments, Consortia, and other technology providers. Grasp is known as the leader in data aggregation, consolidation, normalization, cleansing, and visualization. Below are sampling of Grasp’s products:

  • Grasp Data – The leading business intelligence and reporting solution in T&E
  • Secure Connect – The most advanced data consolidation software in T&E
  • Grasp Prepare – Data Cleansing Software
  • Grasp CC – Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Grasp Agent/Grasp Direct- Business and Efficiency Portal for Travel Agents and TMC’s
  • Data Enrichment Services

Additionally, Grasp has created over 500 other tools and solutions over the years including products like the Grasp-tripBam Sync which automates the data flow to tripBam for agencies. At Grasp, there really are no limits other than your data and your imagination. We urge you to take some to time to learn more about all that Grasp can do for you and how they can help you with your challenges. Please do not hesitate to email them at sales@grasptech.com for any needs you may have.