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Emergency Travel Service (ETS)

How does your after-hours service perform during adverse weather conditions – snow storms, hurricanes, fallout from volcanoes, and the like?


Imagine it... 

Emergency travel services that truly respond to the sudden and complex needs of today’s corporate travelers

More efficiently managing the costs associated with after-hours calls

Your traveler’s compliments, rather than complaints, about after-hours service

Proficient agents answering emergency calls within the first few rings

Agents who have your traveler’s complete data and current itinerary at their fingertips

Fully-staffed, after-hours support all the time, ready to provide instantaneous service in the face of sudden inclement weather and other variables

Seamless, automatic roll-over from your daytime service to a qualified emergency staff

..…Believe it.

Hickory is proud to offer ETS as a Preferred Partner. A unique alternative, ETS has been dedicated to providing cost-effective, high-quality emergency travel service 24/7 since 1996. Their success stems from their premise that they are an extension of agencies’ daytime service.

Every ETS agent is precisely trained to address the challenging aspects of emergency travel and has at least a decade of corporate and emergency travel experience. Agents are expert problem-solvers with an exceptional "street-wise" sense about emergency travel. They are empowered to do "whatever it takes" to rectify any problematic situation travelers encounter. ETS has hit their SLA of 80% of calls answered within 120 seconds.*

Your travelers deserve only the best. ETS provides only the best.

Emergency service coupled with manageable costs. ..…Imagine that.

For more information, please contact: Agency Partner Care, PartnerCare@HickoryTravel.com or (561) 900-2535 x 3172

ETS Menu of Services*

*Prices are subject to change without notice

ETS Fees

Current Fees

Monthly minimum charge


Fee per Contact per PNR*

 $  19.00


 $  11.00


 $  27.50

Outbound Calls

 $  11.00

Priority VIP  Service per Contact per PNR

 $  38.50

Executive VIP Service per Contact per PNR

 $  55.00

International PNRs

 $  19.25

Referral Back to Agency

 $   5.00

QMONCK - per PNR viewed

 $   3.00

On- line Ful­fillment

 $  11.00

Assisted On-line Ful­fillment

 $  24.20

Unique Toll-Free Line Provided by ETS

 $  55.00

Apollo & Worldspan Emulation – Per PCC

 $  27.50



*Current fee includes ticketing.



*An "always answer", expedited phone line with an SLA of 80% of calls answered within 30 seconds.

Financial Proposals are valid for 90 days from date of presentation.