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2015 HICKORY Conference

2015 HICKORY Conference

In April 2015, HICKORY hosted its second annual conference. The new and gleaming Wyndham Grand® Jupiter at Harbourside Place, a new property on the Intracoastal Waterway in seaside Jupiter, FL, served as the venue.

We would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who participated.  While we were very pleased to have so many attendees returning from our inaugural annual conference in 2014, we were also delighted to have many new contacts attending for the first time.

Our conference has now established itself as an ideal forum for our supplier partners, agency partners, industry thought leaders, additional speakers and other HICKORY supporters to gather, collaborate, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities to strengthen our partnership with the shared goal of growing our businesses.

It has also quickly become one of the most highly-rated industry events of its kind – a forum where opportunities to learn, share, network – and, have a bit of fun, too – in a casual yet at the same time highly sophisticated setting all share equal billing on the agenda.

The results are in -- HICKORY is well on its way …


[It was very useful to learn the] trends in the hotel industry and how that is going to impact groups and group rates in the next several years…. Excellent conference!

Bruce F. Klein-Wassink, WITTE TRAVEL
  • I participated on the advisory board. I felt it was an excellent way to share our thoughts on the industry and try to get a different perspective on the various regions and agency types….
  • Breaks were timely and the food was excellent.
  • The entire HICKORY staff should be commended on their efforts as they did a fantastic job.  The program looked seamless which is what everyone wants but rarely happens.
  • Fantastic!!!!! You gave us plenty of time to network and discuss what we heard so far….
  • After the Reception, we were able to continue our conversations with the people we met and the individuals that we met early at the conference. Good size tables...
  • [HICKORY’s conference was] much better than I expected, although I was told you all do a great job.  They were correct!
  • Short and sweet, right to the point and taken care of very well.  [I would highly recommend this conference!]
Jim McAleese, MM TRAVEL

[This conference offers] great exposure for the sponsoring suppliers.... Great location.


[It was great to] meet valuable Industry colleagues. [I appreciated the opportunity to] engage strongly with HICKORY [staff as we work to] move forward [and] strengthen [our] partnership. I was very impressed with HICKORY’s conference setup. The best conference I have attended [so far] in 2015.


[I enjoyed learning new] insights into new industry trends and happenings and also networking.

  • [Great content.]  [The presentation] by Kevin Mitchell (Business Travel Coalition) [is] a very important topic within our Airline industry.  Excellent presentation.
  • Excellent venue.  All the guests I talked to raved about the venue…
  • Great atmosphere.  [HICKORY staff] were very cordial.  Would highly recommend [this conference]….
  • I would rate the conference a 10 [overall].
As a first time sponsor and attendee at the Hickory Travel Conference in 2015, I must say I was incredibly impressed with the professionalism, content, and focus that went into making this wonderful event.  We attend over 20 events per year and Hickory ranks up there with the best of them.

[It was great to learn about] the upcoming travel outlook.



In addition to receiving praise, we also received recommendations and additional suggestions for changes that are already helping to shape our planning efforts for our conference in 2016.

Thank you,
The Team at Hickory Global Partners