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2014 HICKORY Conference

2014 HICKORY Conference

In May 2014, HICKORY hosted its first annual conference, which was held at The Seagate Hotel & Spa in Delray Beach, FL – only steps from HICKORY’s headquarters.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank everyone who had the opportunity to join us. We are grateful to you for your attendance, active participation, unique contributions, support and vote of confidence in HICKORY. Thank you!

This was our inaugural conference. We set out in 2014 to create an ideal forum for our supplier partners, agency partners, industry thought leaders, additional speakers and other HICKORY supporters to gather, collaborate, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities to strengthen our partnership with the shared goal of growing our businesses.

The results are in -- HICKORY is well on its way …

We received event survey responses and additional written feedback via email and our Social Media channels from close to three-quarters of our attendees in 2014. The results are in – HICKORY is well on its way to hosting an annual conference that attendees find significant and valuable.


It was a pleasure to have met all your wonderful and supportive staff, HICKORY. This was the most immaculate conference that I have attended... I have already recommended this [annual event] to industry peers and they would like to attend.

Tom Wegger, Wegger Global

It was a good conference. One in which I learned a lot – especially, on the technology side. Plus, I learned a lot more about the new HICKORY.

Jerry-Max Theophile, APG USA Inc.

The greatest take-aways of the conference for me included] learning about contract airfares as well as new products, such as TripBAM™ and Roomer... and having a chance to network.

J. Carr, CTS Central

The hotel industry analysis and emerging technologies [information were the greatest take-aways for me.

John Smith, Tower Travel

Better than other conferences I have attended.

Vinod Mancchani, Trans Am Travel

Great [HICKORY] staff … very welcoming and professional.

Susan Kearney, Amadeus


In addition to praise, we also received recommendations and additional suggestions that are already helping to shape our planning efforts for our conference in 2015 – and, beyond.

Warm Regards,