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Booking Builder

BookingBuilder™ Desktop is a powerful tool that takes the time and complexity out of making bookings on many supplier web sites. It automatically notifies you when a supplier serves a market, so you don't have to remember what markets are served. It opens the supplier site, fills in the request, copies your profile data into the site, and puts the confirmation details into your GDS. BookingBuilder™ Desktop works with all four GDS’s — Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre and Worldspan as well as ClientBase Plus from Trams.

Instant Fare Quote even accesses numerous web sites in the background, gathers flights and fares, and shows them in a consolidated display. BookingBuilder Desktop with Instant Fare Quote is by far the fastest way to book many suppliers, such as JetBlue.

How It Works

  • Once installed, BookingBuilder Desktop watches the GDS availability entries and checks each one to see if it matches markets flown or served by its supported suppliers. If so, it notifies the agent without interfering with the agent's work.
  • It will then open the web site and automatically fill in the availability request.
  • When you reach the page that asks for the traveler information, BookingBuilder Desktop asks if you want to fill it in from a GDS profile. When you click "Yes", it will fill in the name(s), address, credit card information, phone number, frequent flyer number(s) and email address. It can read this information from a GDS profile and from a profile in Client Base Plus.
  • When you finish the booking, BookingBuilder Desktop automatically detects this, reads the details from your web browser, and will then enter everything into your GDS. It puts in remarks with the confirmation number, fare ladder for each passenger and ticket number(s), along with passive air segments and/or non-air segments, and the pricing record details. If you use ClientBase Plus, it will even fill in a ResCard with the information

Why It Saves You Time and Money

  • With BookingBuilder™ Desktop on your computers, you no longer have to remember which markets many non-participating carriers serve, so you will always offer your customers the best choices.
  • ts complete GDS integration saves you loads of time -- displaying a profile, flipping back to the web site, filling in the first line, flipping back to the GDS, and on and on is a thing of the past! No more typing, no more mistakes: Names, addresses, credit cards and other information are instantly and accurately transferred to the web site from your GDS profiles.
  • The confirmation details are automatically and accurately entered back into your GDS, again saving the time and frustration of typing it all.
  • BookingBuilder Desktop takes over the tedious work so you can sell more tickets in less time.
  • It will also manage your SWABIZ™ IDs and web site logins and passwords. These are managed on our web site, and only need to be entered once, no matter how many computers you have running BookingBuilder Desktop.

Hickory Global Partners member agencies received special discounted pricing. For more information or to have a BookingBuilder representative contact your agency, please contact us at SupplieInfo@HickoryTravel.com.

Please visit http://www.BookingBuilder.com/Agency_Products.htm to view a video showing a complete booking using BookingBuilder Desktop.

All Southwest Airlines® corporate travel reservations booked through BookingBuilder Desktop must also go through a SWABIZ™ account. For more information on how to enroll in SWABIZ please contact Southwest Airlines at http://www.SWABiz.com/contactAMMForm.html.

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