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Evolving the Consortia Model to Benefit Agencies/CTD's and Suppliers

At Hickory Global Partners, we've brought a fresh approach to the consortia space.  We're solving the challenges that have made participation in a consortium an increasingly difficult decision for agencies and suppliers alike.

Our mission is to forge long and mutually beneficial relationships with our agencies, corporate travel departments and suppliers and deliver measurable results.
Chris Dane, President, Hickory Global Partners

To do this, we’ve evolved the model, building a platform to eliminate the data challenges inherent in traditional consortia.  Partner Agencies/CTD's have access to quality rate programs, products and services designed to make their businesses more efficient and profitable.  Supplier Partners receive measurable ROI and extensive distribution and marketing opportunities across the HICKORY global network.

Founded more than 40 years ago, Hickory Travel Systems was acquired by INTRAVEL in April 2011 and re-launched as Hickory Global Partners. The new management team is led by seasoned executives from top travel companies.

Building on the long heritage of the HICKORY brand and under new management, Hickory Global Partners will become a leading utility for agencies/corporate travel departments and suppliers alike.